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for artists + creators

Our Mission

We help artists & creators build a highly-engaged fanbase through
targeted social media campaigns on multiple platforms.
We use proven systems and traffic strategies to help you build a unique brand and grow your digital numbers, while you can focus on creating the right content for your audience.


Main Services

Highly-Targeted YouTube Campaigns
using YouTube/ Google Ads

leading to more more views,
subscribers, engagement, brand deals etc.

Highly-Targeted Spotify Campaigns
using Spotify Ads

leading to more more streams & fans, algorithmic placements + potential editorial playlist consideration, attention & interest from major record labels and more high-paying gigs

Instagram Growth Campaigns
using Influencer Strategies

leading to more more followers, engagement, traffic,
brand awareness, sales etc.

Press Campaigns
featuring you on influential websites

leading to more more traffic,
brand awareness, sales, followers etc.

Besides, we can help with the following services:

• Viral Engagement Campaigns on Instagram
• Verification on Social Media Platforms
• Un-Ban Accounts on any Platform
• Username Claims / Swaps on any Platform
• Growth Campaigns on TikTok + Twitter
• Radio Promotions
• Content Creation (Posts/ Reels/ Shorts etc.)
and more!

We work 1on1 with you and make sure to deliver outstanding results.

Let us guide you in the right direction.

Book a free strategy session.

Case Studies

#1 - Nyk Alexzander - "welcome 2da party" | YouTube Campaign

We worked with Nyk on a YouTube Campaign and helped him make his video/ song "welcome 2da party" go viral. Additionally, through our targeted ads, we were able to increase subscribers and engagement on his channel.

#2 - Across The White Water Tower | Spotify Campaign

NY-based metalcore band "Across The White Water Tower" hired us for various Spotify Campaigns. Through our highly-targeted Ads we were able to drive massive traffic to mulitple of their songs, helping them to trigger the algorithm, getting their music added to notable playlists + landing the band more gigs across the US.

#3 - 423kidk - PR & Verification

We delivered a well-developed and effective PR campaign for our client "423kidk", which included 10 Press Articles that were written and published by us, on high-ranking websites. We were therefore able to increase brand awareness and traffic on various platforms for our client + achieve verification on Instagram & Facebook.


from happy clients

Meet our CEO & FounderNic Huter ("EnAge")

"1014 Social" was brought to life by 27-year-old Nic Huter. The German entrepreneur and music artist is known by his alias "EnAge" and has started to make a name for himself in the music & marketing industry over the last few years. Digital Marketing has become Nic's passion next to music. He received a bachelor's degree in Social Media Marketing, as well as a Diploma in Audio Engineering, both from well-known institutes. It has always been a dream of his to help other artists and creators build thriving careers.

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